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GA group provides the following consulting services:

Science Consulting - consulting services in scientific and technical sphere. We are assessing the prospects of scientific and technical developments, assess the economic parameters of high-tech projects, and assist in the writing of articles and scientific publications.IT-консалтинг – консультационные услуги в сфере информационных-технологий. Мы проводим аудит существующих путей использования компанией информационных технологий и даем рекомендации по улучшению инфраструктуры, разрабатываем стратегии развития компании с учетом использования современных информационных технологий.

Tax and accounting consulting - consulting services on accounting and tax accounting. We help to take into account all the details of the existing tax laws, accounting and preparation of reporting to optimize your company's expenses. We also provide services for the automation of accounting tasks using "1C: Enterprise 8" system 

Legal Consulting - consulting services in the legal field. We hold general consultations on the Russian legislation, as well as a regular customer's advice on various legal matters arising for economic activities

Business intelligence and business analysis - a comprehensive analysis of the company to identify business problems and propose its solutions using the newest software to collect and analyze information about the company and its surroundings.

Expert investigation- analysis of the dispute, conducted by independent competent specialists in this area, to resolve disputes, and establish the facts of interest



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